Massage Body Work Flushing | Bayside Queens

Clean, Neat, and Orderly Facility

We strive to ensure an unparalleled experience for our guests at an incredibly reasonable price. We think you won't find better anywhere. Come and see.

Comfortable and Calming

We aim for an ambiance that complements the therapeutic benefits of massage. Your nerves are soothed by soft lighting, gentle music, and a relaxing environment.

Highly Skilled Staff

We carefully vet our professionals for expert skill levels, reliable strength for deep tissue massage, and comprehensive knowledge of reflexology techniques. We hire the best.

What people say about Alice Beauty Spa

Heavenly deep tissue massage, acupressure here, which is exactly what's best for my body. Don't need a fluffy massage. I've been around the world getting massages from different cultures, styles, and disciplines wherever I go and I can truly say "This is my new favorite massage spa!!!


Clifford Z.
Davie, FL

They used just the right amount of pressure and knew exactly which muscle groups to pinpoint efforts. I left feeling so incredible afterwards, completely tension-free! Left a big tip, as I plan to be making appointments here regularly.


Kristina M.
Bayside, Queens

Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

We're committed to achieving the highest level of hygiene and safety in the industry.

High-Grade Air Filtration

MERV 13 filters (highest MERV rating) with electrostatic charge remove fine air particles including 98% of airborne particles as small as .3 microns.

Temperature Check

All guests receive a temperature check before entry, as the first line of precaution. This is true every time you visit, even if you're a repeat customer.

Slippers—Not Shoes

Shoe soles are safely disinfected and stored, and slippers are provided on entry. This is an extra precaution against intrusion of outside particles.

Fully Separated Rooms

Separate rooms with fixed partitions and privacy curtains ensure maximum safety for our guests.

Continual Sterilization

Massage beds, stones, and other materials are sterilized daily and prior to next use, to ensure the environment is always safe.

Disposable Coverings

In addition to sterilization, massage beds are covered with disposable coverings to ensure your added comfort.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is used by all staff and provided (as well as encouraged) for all customers. Our goal is the safest professional massage in New York City.


We ventilate regularly and based on occupancy, to maintain fresh air at elevation flowing into the spa.

Experience the best massage Queens NY has to offer!