What is Reflexology?

More than just a massage!

Reflexology Explained

Reflexology is an alternative form of medicine involving the application of pressure to specific reflex points or zones. It aims for the physiological normalization of the total body. Reflexology relies on specific zones and reflex areas on feet and hands that 'reflect' to different parts of the body to produce physical effects throughout the body.

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Origin of Reflexology

Reflexology originates in ancient China, with additional documentary evidence of its existence in ancient Egypt circa 2000 B.C. It was introduced to the US during WWI by Dr. William H. Fitzgerald and then expanded upon by Dr. Shelby Riley, who developed a map of horizontal zones across the body with detailed reflex points on the feet and hands. These foot maps and reflexology charts were further developed by Eunice Ingham, a pioneering physiotherapist in the 1930s. This was further augmented by reflex map points on the outer ear produced by Dr. Paul Nogier in 1957.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology (besides opening neural pathways and producing relaxation), improves nerve functions and brainpower, increases blood circulation, and eliminates toxins from the body. It boosts metabolism and energy level and has been specifically demonstrated to alleviate discomfort from headaches. For women, it relieves menstrual discomfort and "PMS". For pregnant women, it reduces labor length, labor pains, and post-partum recovery time.

Reflexology - Queens NY